Pottery by
Nita Claise
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About The Artist

     My husband and I live in Tell City, Indiana which is a beautiful area in Southern Indiana on the Ohio River.  
     I enrolled in college with the intention of becoming an art teacher. Along the way I took a ceramics course. My professor gave a raku demonstration and I became an immediate and irreversible raku addict. I decided to pursue a career as an artist instead of teacher.      My work consists of both functional and non-functional. We do stoneware, raku, horsehair, pitfiring, and barrel firing pottery.    I also love experimenting with techniques like mishima and sgraffito.  

     My artwork can be purchased at galleries and shows or online on our page or at  ETSY.   We also have an large annual Pottery Sale  at our studio usually held on the 2nd weekend in November.   

If you have every wanted to try the potters wheel or working in clay yourself - we host workshops for adults and children at our studio.  You can find more information on or workshop page on this website.

     I love the creative process and feel blessed to be able spend my time doing something that I absolutely love.

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