Pottery by
Nita Claise
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Workshop Info

Workshops include everything you will need for the class (clay, glaze, and kiln firings)- no need to purchase anything extra.  Workshops sessions are held at various times throughout the year.   Class size is limited to in order to give individual attention.  Email us for dates and availability  at nita.claise@yahoo.com.  A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the workshop will be required at registration.

Starting in January of 2014 following is a list of workshops offered.  To assure workshops will be held we need a maximum of 4 people with a minimum of 8. 
FN1 - Family Night Workshop.

Moms and dads, grandparents, kids and grand kids, aunts, uncles, etc.  Learn handbuilding techniques and practice throwing on a potters wheel.  Create two clay pieces, glaze them and take them home.  Get 4-8 of your family members together and have your own private family workshop.
1 1/2 hour class
3 weeks

Child must be age 6 and accompanied by adult taking the workshop.

K1 - Kids Workshops

Maximum 8 children for this workshop
Kids will learn handbuilding techniques.  They will learn to thrown on the potters wheel each week.   They will be assigned three projects which they will finish and glaze to take home at end of workshop. 
1 1/2 hour class
6 weeks
Ages 8 and up.  (If accompanied by parent to assist may be 6 - 8)

FNO2 - Friends Night Out

Get your BFF's together for a fun night out playing in the mud.  At this clay workshop you will learn hand building techniques and practice throwing on the potters wheel.  You may choose firing technique: low fire underglazes, sgraffito, or non-functional raku.

1 1/2 hour class
6 weeks
Minimum 4 maximum 8

S1 - Sgraffito Workshop
Learn handbuilding and throwing on the potters wheel.  This workshop emphasizes the sgraffito technique of carving and finishing the pieces.  You will work on and complete 3 sgraffito projects for take home in this workshop.
1 1/2 hour classes
6 weeks

U1 - Underglaze Workshop
If you enjoy painting this is the workshop for you.  Learn hand building techniques and throwing on the potters wheel each week.  Complete three projects and glaze in underglazes. 
1 1/2 hour classes
6 weeks

annual event during Perry County Dogwood Festival

Purchase bisqued ware, glaze the piece yourself and watch while the piece is fired using raku post reduction firing technique. 

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